RRE Hairstyling Pinkie Pie

Ages: AGES 5+
Item: B1997
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Product Description:

This Equestria Girls doll has the rockin’est hairstyle in town! Your Pinkie Pie doll needs to look her very best. For her, that means a funky crimp, and you’re just the stylist to give her one! With all her fancy accessories, she’ll look awesome on stage – but she also needs shoes and a clip-in ponytail! When you fancy her up her with the included glasses, earrings and necklace, she’ll be the ultimate Equestria Girls rocker. Fashion has never been so fun with the Pinkie Pie Rockin’ Hairstyle Doll!
Pinkie Pie Rockin’ Hairstyle Doll has a funky crimp hairstyle
Style her hair with the clip-in ponytail
Includes shoes, earrings, glasses and necklace
Dress your doll in her outfit
Ages 5 and up
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